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A Living Example

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I was getting ready for church this time, too. My wife and three daughters had been going for a sometime to a little church in Gassville. Today was going to be my first time to experience what they promised me would be different than what I had encountered before. I wasn’t too much on preachers. I had a hard time understanding how most of them could act one way in the church and completely opposite when you saw them outside the church.

I sat down in the back with my family and prepared myself to listen to the sermon. I was anything but bored. This was one preacher that was able to feed you the Word of God with a sense of humor. After he was done preaching, he started praying for different individuals in the congregation. He walked up to me and asked me if he could pray for me. I wasn’t quite sure what to think. But, there was such a peace; a peace I had never felt before that I nodded my approval. When he laid hands on my head to pray I could feel the power of God rushing through me and I was hooked. From then on, I had to know more about what I had just experienced. The Holy Spirit spoke through Brother Ron and listed every problem I was having health wise and assured me that it was all going to be alright because God was going to fix it. In the weeks ahead God did just as He promised; He healed all the health issues I was dealing with at that time.

I found it didn’t matter where we ran into Brother Ron he would always greet us with his warm smile and a big hug that was so full of love that you could feel the love of God coming from him.

We continue to sit under his ministry as a family. We watched his response to having a tornado destroy the church and their home and have seen how he dealt with sicknesses that attacked his family. He has to deal with the same kind of stresses that we do as his congregation but he has all our eyes on him; he is the example God has set before us to learn from. He declares it’s the trials and tests that we go through that develops us into the men and women that God wants. My heart rings up a prayer of thankfulness that he has been willing to go through the time of testing to get him where he is today. I’m so grateful he made the choice to let God use him. He’s real and we know it.

He’s anointed to teach us the Word of God and plant that truth within our hearts so that we have in us what we need to meet any challenge that comes our way. We have a friendship that will continue to grow. I have purposed in my heart to be here for the long haul and be a part of whatever God has planned for this little church with the big heart. Plus, my family and I plan on hanging out with Brother Ron and Sister Kimberly for all of eternity, which I’m sure is all right with them.


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