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Living Your Dream

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I am biking down the Hudson River Bike Path after dropping my daughter off at school.

I am frustrated, overwhelmed, conflicted, and questioning it all. Deep inside my head, I have entered the Land of Not Knowing. And it’s a rather scary place to be.

The Land of Not Knowing messes with my mind. Like a fun-house mirror that distorts my image, I can no longer see myself clearly. I start to question my direction, my decisions, and my ability to manage it all.

Inside this land, I ask questions like:

  • Do I really have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur?
  • Can I really manage it all? Being mommy, business owner, wife, and friend?
  • Even if I can manage it all—can I manage it well? And sustain it over time?
  • Can I figure it all out?
  • Do I have what it takes to persevere?

These questions inside the Land of Not Knowing only serve to keep me stuck, confused, uninspired, and full of doubt. Enlightenment is nowhere to be found inside questions like these.

I know now that the questions I should be asking are:

  • What do I need to do today to tap into my essence and my genius?
  • What can I do today to continue to help myself manage all my roles?
  • How will I serve my inspiration and creativity today?
  • What feels right? What feels like the most important thing to do today?
  • How can I stand inside my worth today? What does that look like?
  • How will I serve my purpose and my work from a place of deep meaning, confidence, and drive?

Nonetheless, these helpful questions are nowhere to be found in the Land of Not Knowing.

Until this happens:

I continue to bike … feeling lost, stuck, conflicted, seeking refuge.

And then … it hits me:

I am already living my dream.

Right now, today, in this moment … I am already living my purpose and my deepest life.

I am already living in the Land of the Knowing. (I just allowed my self-doubting thoughts to mess with my head and take me to a land where I don’t belong.)

My whole life has been a quest to find my purpose and as I bike down this path today I lost sight of the fact that I am living it.

I am inside my dream. For real. I am inside the life that I have imagined myself living. I am inside my dream … and I allowed myself to lose sight. I allowed myself to travel into this land of not knowing; when in fact I already know.

And what I know is this:

  • Maybe you are already living your dream too.
  • Maybe you already have everything you need to live big.
  • Maybe you already know how to liberate yourself.

So Recalibrate. Redefine. Revise. Rediscover. Do whatever it takes to rescue you from the Land of Not Knowing.

Because maybe, just maybe hidden inside that deep dark place; hidden from yourself and from the world…Maybe you are already living your dream!

“Eventually, you have to stop picking a fight with your true nature and decide to seek the joy that underlies it all.” —Danielle LaPorte

See you on the other side of real beauty!


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