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Loneliness can enwrap your mind into images of torment as one can feel the tentacles of webs twisting and entangling glimpses of flashbacks that are relentless in your mind as it encapsulates the memory of enduring grueling thoughts that provoke sadness in the heart.

The endless quiet surrounds your spirit and smothers it with cruel images of timeless space into the depths of blackness and being alone is like vastness of emptiness that descends into a tunnel of despair.

Time seems to transcend into a slow meshy intricate winding of crystals that spiral around the dials of dimensions that portray images of pain. The personal experience of silence is so piercing in its longevity of dark dreams that reveals gripping fears of life as they capture you and destroy your mind and the tears become a stream of water that flows over and through your rivers of life.

The value of silence is that it can teach you how to survive and really listen to the story of your soul as the experience of solitude becomes the truth of life with exploring the realism of your feelings and the unnerving quality reveals the integrity of the core of your spirit.

The struggle of loneliness and the torture of silence have meaning in portraying images of a stronger individual following the way back to the heart of life.

Understanding and listening to the sounds of silence can blossom the senses that become our everyday decisions and lead you into the reasoning to follow the heart and know the wisdom of what it is that makes the soul happy.

The tantalizing mystery of loneliness is that it captures the essence of cleansing you into a deeper calming realm of intrigue and awakens you to know your soul. So listen to the soft sounds that whisper thru your spirit to dramatize your life into clarity to determine your paths of life as you focus on the inside and let your breathe become your guide thru the mazes of beauty in solitude.


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