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A Long Way from Home

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Two months ago I returned to Chicago to live after living elsewhere for the past 35 years. My 87 year old Mother needed companionship to stay in the house she’s lived in for the past 50 years. My life was such that I could be that person. Many things about the move have been challenging. Probably on top of the list is simply living in a large city again. For the past 20 years, I have lived in rural Wisconsin and Minnesota. Before that I lived in a town of 80,000. I didn’t learn to drive until after I left Chicago so have never mastered expressways or assertive driving in general. I am used to getting water from a well and very starlit nights. I am used to walking a couple of miles a day on country roads.

Fortunately my Mom’s health is good enough to allow me to leave her for hours at a time and I have siblings in the area to spell me when I take a trip. I have a vegetable/flower garden to keep me grounded. I read, play tin whistle, cook and shop for my Mom. We enjoy one another’s company most of the time. I have been separated from my husband for 7 years but we keep in touch and sometimes visit. I don’t know if this period of time will last for months or years. It is a time to learn patience and compassion. I trust that if I do that, this time will be a great gift and lead me to my next steps in life.


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