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Looking Forward to Thirty-Seven

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I’ll be turning thirty-seven in a few months.

No kidding.

It was almost yesterday when I was dreaming to be grown up, stealthily trying out the make-up of my aunt, crazily cutting my hair until it goes into a creative vertical layers, painting anything on the white bond paper, reading up, reading up and dreaming to do it good in life. 

So now, I say to myself. Dear Yen at thirty-seven:

1.   Life is great, no matter how rough the journey had been.

2.  There is no such thing as destiny. Life is what you carve it to be. 

3.  Difficulties are there to strengthen your soul.

4.  If someone tries to take advantage of you, it’s out of bounds and you have the permission to walk away. Though I suggest that you hit them first in the head before walking away.

5.  Yes, diplomacy is overrated

6.  Only lend books if you don’t want them back. 

7.  Go out for more adventures—in the mountains, out in the sea, in the field. It enriches the soul.

8.  Love and support women. They love you back, even more tenderly.

9.  Got to be kind to everyone that you meet your way; his or her struggle may be harder.

10. There is no need to rationalize other people’s poor behavior.

11. There is wisdom in non-resistance. Of bending and going with the flow.

12.  It is not cute to self-flagellate yourself. 

13. No ifs or buts. Offer no explanations.

14. You are beautiful as you are. All your bodily imperfections make you beautiful.

15. One does not need many friends. Only a few who are genuinely able to give back positive energy.

16. Make-up makes women ugly. 

17. Laughter invigorates the soul and paints your life in different streaks and colors.

18. Water calms the soul, sunsets gives respite, sunrise embraces your being

19. Coffee makes a heavy, hectic day bearable.

20. The sweet smell of newly cut grass warms the spirit.

21. All bad things, when handled and faced squarely, turn into something good.

22. Lessons are everywhere, one just have to learn from it.

23. No one can make you inferior.

24. It’s all in the mind.

25. One just needs the basics to survive.

26. Success is failure overcome.

27. Loving oneself is the greatest and hardest lesson of all.

28. ‘ME’ time is highly recommended.

29. Depression is bourgeoisie angst

30. Nothing beats an eight to nine hour sleep J

31. There is more to life than competition

32. Collaboration is success doubled

33. Maturity is defined by the ability to mentor young people

34. It would be nice to live life in reckless abandon only if it does not haunt you afterwards

35. And in most cases, it haunts you forever.

36. Every moment wasted on the essentials is time well spent.

37. Prayer is in everything that we do and where our heart is.

When you turn thirty-seven, you will be grateful for absolutely everything that has come your way, good or bad.


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