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Healing from the loss of love is one of the most excruciating pains. Your mind, body, and the soul ache and time seems to stand still. There’s no way you can ever image feeling normal again and you ask the why. You have fearless question to God to just know why. Death is as natural as birth; it a part of life we don’t like to think about. The sad thing is that no one on this earth can describe how to make it through this natural part of life. And until you experience it for yourself and we all have to in some season in life, the pain can be unbearable. It’s beyond imagination. Time is the best cure but it seems time just stopped and it takes it from a horrifying pain to a dull ache but to me it never goes away. The best way I deal with losing a love one is to believe I will see and be with them when my time comes to go home. My belief helps.

Losses can come in many forms, and the first thing that comes with it is denial. Then comes the disbelief, then anger, and with time finally acceptance. I have to bring this subject up because its life. Plain and simple.

When I first experienced my first real mature bout with death, it hit like a ton of steel. I kept telling myself “so this is death” it’s cold, it’s final, it don’t talk no more, it don’t smell no more, the soul is gone. It’s finish. No compromise no negotiating it’s done. It sneaks in when you least expect it. Now what do you do with that! You believe that God will make the sun shine again, oh and it will. When a love one goes home they take a part of you with them, it’s something missing from you but it’s a gift your love one take with them as a gift from yourself, it’s the missing part .The control freak I was just couldn’t let it register that this was what the end was about. So until then,

The End  

Oh and the day came when the sun shined bright!

Thank you Lord


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