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Lost and Found

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We lose so many things over the years. Family, friends, lovers, pets, religious and moral certainty, and a wide assortment of “things.” I’ve lost all of the things mentioned. Both of my parents are dead. My family is scattered. I’ve had my share of rocky romances, bad endings, and heartbreak. My darling pet died four years ago; and I still kiss the box with her remains. I’ve lost pieces of valuable jewelry as well as my share of money.  I’ve lost favorite sweaters and scarves. There have been times when I’ve even lost my self worth.

What I have learned as that when we lose something, we will always find something else to fill the gap. While I still miss the people, some of the things and that wonderful certainty of youth, I have some pretty stellar replacements. I have learned to really appreciate what I do have, my husband, my children, my grandchildren, my friends, my pets, and my other many blessings. These “replacements” fill every day with the precious gift of love.

I don’t lament over what is gone. Nor do I wish to repeat the past.  I’m much more tolerant now and try to never be judgmental about things. I don’t believe my way is superior to anyone else’s way. I treasure the diversity in people and their thoughts and their beliefs. I see it all as a wonderful kaleidoscope of swirling colors, thoughts, hopes, dreams, and ideas. I treasure the scents that swirl in the air to be inhaled by all, pleasing to some, noxious to others, but above all, a shared experience. We live on and share this beautiful and wonderful planet. The sun rises and sets for all of us, just as the wind blows and subsides.

I love the people, pets, and things in my life with a passion that gives me such joy. I love my gorgeous silk carpets, and my beautiful home. I love the smell of my favorite fragrance. I love the color on the flowers in my garden. I also love ideas and words and books. I am a happier woman today than I was at twenty-five. So I even love the aging me.


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