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Love is the rapture of dynamic energy that breathes into spirals within the depths of the heart to capture the essence of life.  It structure stiffens into softness as it caresses the enticing whispers of calmness as it instills a romantic harmony with endless cycles of dramatic smoothness as it entwines the ribbons of twists and turns as the endless motion is like the ebbs of tides as it reaches out to unite in the rapture of connecting souls.
Drifting through forgiveness of struggles into complete tranquility comes the brightness of light into the spirit of loving another with all the heart can endure. Love is the adventure that beckons the compassion of the soul to ignite the wisdom of melodies in the winds of time that whisper that love is by your side forever in an array of abstract objects that becomes an oblique transparency of shadows entwined in love.
The scattered vision to see through the illusions of caressing warmth shines an image of depths of fabric that forms a tapestry of emotional desire to unravel the impressions of love. The sheerness of fraying the patterned curves presents the softness of embracing the tender hugs of emotional ties that twines into a mesh of circles of endless love.
You must reveal the truth of loving through realizing the saturation of colors that absorb the crystallizing edges that can strengthen the tenderness of the heart.  Love can be the gentle breezes that blow with soft intrinsic concepts which in time portray images of the enduring heartbeat of lovers.
The moments of a lifetime together reveal loving values of romantic dreams of ecstasy and internalizing blossoms of memories that maintain intrinsic breathe of keeping forever the soul mates of the hearts that beat as one.


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