Love Is Alive

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Date written: February 28.2011

Blind as a bat.
That is what I see.

Nobody has ever been
Good enough for me.

As a child,
I thought how superior
My race made me.

Yet, how inferior
Life has shown me to be.

Love was always waiting
To be let into my heart.

But, loving others
Caused me misery.

All those I have ever loved
Have hurt me by leaving,

Or by dying, or by
Denying their love

To an infidel like me.

Grant me my dear Lord,
Your Love so I can feel free

While butterflies float
Freely upon the breeze.

Your Love is what I see.

Everywhere I look
Confound it. I found it!

It is all around me.
It has even gotten inside me.

Just got to pick apart

All the shards 
Of my broken heart

To find the diamond
I’ve been looking for.

It is Love that’s worth the wait.

Love holds the keys to Heaven’s Gate. 


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