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Love, Happiness, and Serenity

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”Love is the master key that opens the gates to happiness.”–Oliver Wendell Holmes
I guess it really doesn’t take too much to be completely happy, as long as you are loving and feeling love returned. Money can’t buy this extremely important ingredient. So living within our means, we can still enjoy the warmth and comfort that comes with love. When you are totally into the spirit of sheer happiness, that’s when serenity creeps in. What a warm and wonderful feeling it is. It is the final stroke on the artist’s palette; the statement that says, ‘all is well;’ the oohs and aahs of pure luxury; ours, at no expense.

In this state of mind, there is no room for negativity, no cause to gripe and groan. You’re passed that locomotive of your youth that moved you furiously through the day. It takes quite a bit of wisdom to find serenity; sometimes a lifetime. All our heavy duty days of rushing and racing are behind us … just smooth sailing ahead.

Getting your gears shifted to a new position will quietly sneak up on you, with little effort. It’s a new and delightful way of thinking, laced with thoughts of gratitude for what we have right now; not waiting for wealth to suddenly fall in our laps.

It’s a choice we make … to live as if we are on the receiving end of joy every day. Sure, the upsets will still tumble us now and again, but you can rise above the setback by proclaiming it temporary and getting on with the process of living the moment at hand. 

Make that bucket list, keep your goals in sight, never forget your dreams and negate anything that gets in your way. When we start thinking differently, we will naturally act in a happier mode and it will trickle into our lives and onto others. The effect is almost spontaneous and contagious. Even when we laugh, someone’s bound to laugh with us. Look for the good, the positive flow, and it will find you.

What fun we can make of our lives when we see the ridiculous and laugh at ourselves for silly mistakes. I don’t like saying mistakes because it’s misleading … it’s mostly learning curves on our way to growth. How great is that! We can be as big as we want, as smart as we wish and as rich as can be, just by thinking that way. Who’s to stop us?

If this life is temporary and yesterday is gone, why waste today? This could be the most important day of your life. This day can hold the key that opens the door of dreams waiting to unfold. Don’t wait for tomorrow. Today may be the day you’ve been hoping for.

I wish you love, I wish you happiness and may your heart be opened wide to receive the gift of serenity.


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