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Love My Body, Flaws and All!

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Over the Summer of 2007, I was given a new medication by my doctor that gave me huge appetite. Within two and a half months I had put on twenty-five pounds. Usually, I put on weight from my waist down. This time I had put on weight everywhere, shoulders, face, rolls of fat on my back and the double chin. When I looked in the mirror I was just not used to seeing myself looking as I did, because I was the fattest I had ever been!

What made it worse was my weight made my back hurt me more, and I soon sprained a muscle trying diligently to exercise at home. I tried the cabbage diet that had worked for me before, but soon lost the willpower to stick with it.

Then I saw a new TV show called “Look Good Naked” with Carson Kressley. He took a slightly chubby young woman who felt like how I felt; unshapely, unsexy, and unhappy and made her feel sexy and look great by the end of the show! Then for those of you who did not see the show, at the end of the show, he asked this young female to pose naked. By now, he had given her underwear that was pretty and sexy, and dresses that were more attractive than the loose fitting clothes she started out with. Notice how we tend to wear baggy clothes thinking we are covering up the fat? Well, that’s a “no, no!” Remember we may be fat, but we are shapely so we need to love our curves.

You can just imagine how you would feel if someone asked you to pose naked! After getting her hair and make up done this ordinary frumpy, young lady who had no self confidence and who HATED her body finally agreed to pose naked for the camera man … the photo shots were taken tastefully, showing no front views of her body. She looked gorgeous. I’m not going to tell you how the show ended and you can watch for the surprise ending … There are ways I know you can pose so you don’t show your fattest angle in a photo (even though they say the camera put a few pounds on you).

What happened here that was most important was she felt good about her curves, and she was happier because she realized she had not lost a pound yet she was completely transformed in her mind. Carson Kressley made her look good and feel good. I NEED A BIG DOSE OF THIS I THOUGHT AFTER THE SHOW. Sexy is one half of how sexy you feel and the other half how others see you … makes sense.

Tyra Banks, and a few other shows are trying to make women love there CURVES, after all most women are over a size fourteen. Remember how artists painted women in the olden days? Always curvaceous, whether they were naked or dressed in long flowing dresses. 

Then here come Dr. Phil and Oprah trying to make the world skinny. Doctors and people selling diet products telling us how unhealthy we are if we are just a few pound overweight. Well, it’s a fact that skinny or slim does not mean you are healthy. There is a big difference between being overweight, chubby, curvaceous and a being 300 pounds! I may describe myself with any of the first three adjectives, but I can also say I am very curvaceous in some parts of my body! I’m not used to being this size but I am going to do everything to start loving each and every part of my body.       


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