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For the Love of My Husband

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For the love of my husband I’m moving to my mother-in-laws home. I will let her talking bad about me to her friends and won’t say a word. I will let the stabs and the rocks be throne at me by their looks and will look upon god for help. For I am not a bad person . . . all I want to do is love my husband in peace. There will always be an obstacle. My Mom would say if you have problems with anything pray to god he will help you, he is always there for you even if you don’t need him.

I pray every day. Remember the saying sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt you. Well words do hurt.

I will do almost anything in my power before my marriage ends in divorce. My husband and I are totally opposites but usually I know want he’s thinking or I finish his sentence that’s because we’ve been together twenty years And I don’t want our marriage to break up because of words and dirty looks. It’s not going to happen, I put my faith in God, and no one can destroy it.

For the love of my husband . . . 


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