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Love Your Mirror

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If you're one of those Mirror-Haters, then this one is for you!
We have all been there; Getting up in the morning, feeling a bit down, but starting our daily routines, as any other day.. Then, suddenly we get a glimpse of ourselves in the mirror , and our world collapses , for a while..
Who's that Grey and Old Creature staring back at us from the opposite wall???
What ever happened to her Hair? And the black circles underneath her once so beautiful and sparkling eyes..
How on earth did they even get there?? And, why didn't you notice these features before?
All hope is gone, we feel, and the disaster is a fact.
No matter what anyone say, or do, we are focused on the ugly truth, brought to us by an equally ugly mirror...

Thoughts create our Reality. That's a fact. When we're uplifted, we attract uplifting experiences..
When we're negative, we attract more of the same, too..

So, maybe it's about time to change some perspectives?

Take a look at the link below. The article is Written in Norwegian, but I promise you, the pictures speak for themselves:

-Before and after Retouching...

If these are the ones you compare to, or any other Celebrity, then I hope you now feel awesome!
And if not, there's certainly comfort in the knowledge that everybody, absolutely all of us, come with imperfections.

What the Mirror is really all about: A Measurer on how much self-pampering you need each day!
A Happy Person is a glowing and shiny, beautiful Person. That's a fact, too.

IF your Mirror is "mean", it only means you need to make sure you live a happier life. You deserve that!

Maybe spend some time in the tub, with Aromatic Oils, different kinds of rejuvenating, natural masks.
Feel Luxurious and appreciated, as that helps a lot on our looks, too!
And , Last but not least: Love yourself !

If a friend reminded you of these things, you would probably be grateful and Love them even more?
That's what your mirror deserves as well!
And get ready to watch Miracles Happen- the next time you approach it, Confident and with a loving glow...


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