Make Sacred the Day

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In the late 80s and early 90s, I worked with Marine Holbert Hogaboom in NYC. Maurine, who was in her seventies at the time, was my Psychosynthesis teacher. Even though our work together was almost twenty years ago, over the last few days I have been hearing her words echoing in my head and find myself once again dipping into her enormous storehouse of wisdom.

Frequently during our sessions, when I might on any given day be in gut-wrenching agony over “making it” in NYC or finding a man—two headlining topics in those days—Maurine would ask me to “Make Sacred the Day.” Maurine’s guidance was to simply stop and notice the wonder of being alive on any given day. Or, to do just one thing for myself that day or give myself a holiday from my worry-fest and angst.

Since it is the beginning of a new year, I seem to be more in touch with the sacredness of each day and each day feels totally whole and complete. I’m starting to notice that it doesn’t really matter what the day is comprised of—some days may be more about doing errands and addressing household duties, some days may be coaching days, and other days may be a free day where I get to let the day unfold depending on my desires.

In this day—your one precious day—how will you choose to Make Sacred the Day?



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