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Mediocrity Versus Authenticity

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We have many examples throughout history proving that it is possible for one person to change the world.

Let’s explore what is between us and the possibilities. Maybe we think it’s too big of a notion and too idealistic, we get overwhelmed, and don’t even try. Why would one want to change it in the fist place? What does it even mean? I believe different people think differently about it. Maybe for someone to change the world means to save African children from hunger; for another it is to change the education system in their country; yet for another it could be eliminating crime, or poverty, or homelessness ... The list can go on and on. Also, there is someone for whom changing the world could mean simply showing kindness to their fellow human beings, or helping their neighbor’s troubled teen, or being more involved in their community. And again, list can go on.

What is the common denominator in all these things, big or small? Caring and passion! Maybe in order to make a difference all that is needed is for everyone to live their own passion. Maybe for the world to be a better place all we need is to be more attuned to what is in our hearts and have the courage to listen to it. Courtesy to my friend Pauline Street, “if everyone made changes for the better around themselves, and then things might change in the big picture—a ripple effect.”

As children, most of dreamt about changing the world. We were innocent in our desires and in our love for life. When was that moment when we stopped dreaming and started to think so little of ourselves? When did we stop being daring and thinking big? What happened to our childhood dreams? Why do we settle for mediocre life? If we try, at least we can say we did it, and feel good about ourselves, but what happens to your vision and sense of self if you don’t even try? Think about this one! What life around yourself do you create if you think of yourself as “less than”?

Quoting Paulo Coelho, “If we aren’t reborn, if we don’t see life again with the innocence and enthusiasm of childhood, then there is no more sense to living.”

Written by Svetlana Antonyshyn


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