Meditate Your Way to a Clear Mind and a Happy Heart

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You’re in a constant fog after a relationship breakup or divorce, and no matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to break out of it. You have all but given up on getting done what you had hoped to accomplish for the day and you’re just wondering how you will get through it all. Your ex just seems to keep coming up in your mind; you keep replaying what happened and how it ended and what you could’ve done or what you should’ve done. But no. You can’t go down that road again, this has been stewing for some time and you need to move on. But how?

Well, there are many ways you can approach this. It may be best to try several methods; however, one viable avenue towards emotional and mental recovery is through meditation.

Meditating can be just what you need to help yourself clear your mind and focus on what you need to be doing for yourself, and not just everyone else around you.

One form of meditation is mantra meditation, where you use a calming word, thought or phrase, with or without meaning, to prevent distracting thoughts. You use your mantra; you repeat it over and over as you meditate. The mantra is a tool you use to achieve meditation. Once you get really acclimated to mantra meditation, you could do it virtually anywhere, but until then it’s important that you choose a space that is free from distractions and that is a calming and relaxing one for you.

Another form is called guided meditation, where you use mental imagery you find soothing to achieve meditation. You should use as many of your senses as possible, whether it’s smells, sights, sounds or textures. You use this imagery to transport your mind to a more relaxed, calm state to help your mind focus on what you need to do. You can be guided through this process through a teacher, friend, or even an audio guide. There are some that you can stream online.

These are only two forms of meditation—there are numerous others to explore that could be appropriate for you, like mindfulness meditation or qigong meditation. Use whatever you feel could best bring out a more clear-minded and focused self.

By Monique Zamir for BounceBack


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