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Meditation: The Key to the Subconscious

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Meditation could be a very simple way of connecting with oneself, to become one with your subconscious mind or soul.

Most of the time the reason we fail to achieve something that we have always desired, is because our conscious and subconscious goals does not match. Conscious goals can be those that you decide you want to do in your life and can be inspired by or be a mere representation of financial or material goals. Whereas, subconscious goals are those that your subconscious mind or your inner self wants you to do.

That brings us to the basic question of what is the difference between a conscious and subconscious mind.

For the answer, I would like to refer you to a very good site that really explains this in simple terms.

I hope after going through the site, you now have a better understanding of both the terms.

So, if we could only make our conscious and subconscious mind act towards the same goal we could get everything that is good for us and we want in life. And the easiest way to bridge the gap is to learn the art of meditation.

Unlike what some people think, meditation can be done in many ways and can be very simple and once you get used to it, it can be great fun too. The best way to start if you are a first timer is to keep it simple, find a place and a time where you won’t be disturbed by people or noises. If you could, it is better to set out a place in your home that you can regularly use for meditating, try to keep this place, clutter free. Using the same place would make the process quite simple as you would find it easier to calm your mind and get into a meditative state. Many times when you are disturbed or distracted just being in that place for couple of minutes could make u feel much better because the positive vibrations and energy created by you would always have a positive effect.

There can be many ways of meditating, some people concentrate on their breathing process, by just following the way they breathe in and breathe out, it might be difficult initially to keep your mind from wandering off but with practice and perseverance you can find the joys of knowing yourself.

So, a very simple process that I use is to just relax, in any posture you prefer. For first couple of seconds, just let your mind be open, do not intentionally think of anything but if a thought comes to your mind just watch it like a silent spectator and let it gently go away do not hold it do not push it just let it come and go. For first timers, start with only five minutes or so and can increase the time once you are comfortable.

Try to understand which places and postures suits best for you. For some people, lighting a candle and just staring at it helps, while for others, burning incense might help, just explore. There is really no right or wrong way of meditating, bird watching or just being with nature or even maintaining a journal might help you to connect with your subconscious. Remember, all that you are looking for, is inside not outside. All the help, all knowledge, all the wisdom, and all capability is inside you.

Our journey of life is a journey to our true selves.


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