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Mind Chatter and How to Change It

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So many times we have what I like to call mind chatter going on in our heads. This is the little voice inside, the voice that tries to drive you crazy and often succeeds! I will even go as far as to bet that you don’t even know it’s there! And this mind chatter holds the key to all of your fears. It is the voice the heralds doom, lack, and losing.

We are so used to its presence we often don’t even notice it is talking to us. The problem with this mindless chatter is that when you think a thought long enough, it begins to build up a manifestation that will eventually come to pass. Your mind chatter has a great deal of power in your life. So what does mind chatter sound like? Well it sounds something like this:

If I call him maybe he’ll think I want too much too fast, but maybe if I don’t call him he’ll think I don’t really like him. But if I call him and his voice mail answers, I’ll start thinking about where he is and then I will be so upset because then I will know he is out with another woman, or maybe he is ignoring my call. But if I don’t call then he may not think I like him. But if I call he’ll know I do like him and he’ll probably start avoiding me because I am going too fast for him. I wonder why he hasn’t called me yet. Maybe I was rude today when I saw him at the coffee shop. Maybe I should have been a little nicer to him, but I was thinking, “Oh my god look at what I am wearing!” And I looked so fat in that dress; I told myself not to wear that in public. And my makeup was terrible. He must have thought I did not like him, when really I was thinking about how I was dressed. I wonder if he heard through the grapevine that I went out the other night. Well, I don’t think he should expect me to sit home every night when he does not call and ask me out. He has a lot of nerve if he expects that. The next time I see him I’ll ask him why he hasn’t called. We were supposed to go to the movies this week and he didn’t even remember. I’m going to confront him about that when he calls. I’m not going to be judgmental, but I am certainly going to let him know how I feel! Maybe I should just send him a text message to see if he responds.

No wonder so many of us hate being alone and can’t be in a room or the car without turning on the radio or TV for company. We will find anything just to escape this insanity! We are all victims to our chatterboxes at some point in our lives. But there is help!

To stop your Mind Chatter, you need to learn how to stop your subconscious mind’s habit of “running off at the mouth,” so to speak. You have to first recognize that you have mind chatter happening. You need to pay attention to your mind chatter and what it is saying. If your mind chatter is negative and using words like I can’t, I should, or what will I do, then you need to stop the voice going on inside your head immediately. Change your thought process. Begin to get control of your subconscious mind by thinking, I’m okay, I can handle this; even start saying some positive affirmations like “I can figure out how to make this work,” or “I am smart and successful.”

You need to do this over and over again—until your negative mind chatter is replaced with positive dialogue.

You are going to have conversations in your head all the time; however, you can change the mind chatter. Our mind loves to be busy and in the absence of other information, our minds sometimes fill themselves with worries, doubts, or fears. There is a saying that goes, “When you talk to yourself, you listen. No matter what you say, you’re listening … and recording it in your memory.” The subconscious mind believes everything it sees, hears, and tastes as truth. It is continually recording and storing information for your future reference.

Brian Tracey says, “Perhaps the most powerful influence on your attitude and personality is what you say to yourself, and believe. It is not what happens to you, but how you respond internally to what happens to you, that determines your thoughts and feeling and, ultimately, your actions. By controlling your inner dialogue, or “self-talk,” you can begin to assert control over every other dimension of your life.”

To get an action plan, a daily routine in place to take control of your mind chatter, you are going to need tools to help you get there. Just like you have to have certain tools for your job, or school, or even cooking, you need tools to change your mind chatter!

Tool List:

  • MP3 player or a CD player
  • Inspirational CDs or MP3s.
  • Inspirational books
  • Index cards
  • Positive quotes and positive affirmations

Here is a typical day of how to use your positive tools. Remember the whole point is to out-talk your negativity!

When you start to wake up, begin to think on positive, happy thoughts. Think of one of your goals and pretend it is accomplished. What does it feel like to have it accomplished? What do you see or have now that your goal is accomplished?

After you have finished thinking of your accomplished goal, put on music that will calm you or lift your spirits. Nothing negative—and while this is playing, continue to think on your goals and affirmations, watching your mind chatter.

Look at your affirmations you have listed on your index cards and say them aloud as you go about your morning routine. Keep watching the mind chatter that will try to creep in. As soon as you are aware of the negative mind chatter, keep replacing this negativity with your affirmations. Out talk your chatterbox!

As you go to work or school, turn your car into a classroom by listening to a positive teaching CD or MP3 that will help you! Use this time in your car to educate yourself and to promote change in your life.


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