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The Mini You

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The other day I was watching television, and I saw a commercial for Dave and Jerry’s (I think was the name). It was about a mini version of the individuals wanting to go hang out with their fun sides. It dawned on me that everyone has a mini you. For example, my mini me appeared when I was eleven and I started viewing the world I lived in. It led to the biggest mistake of my life! Finding Independence!

Many people like me grew up under the “double standard” issue. (It still exists today, it’s just candy coated.) Women could not do any number of varied and sundry things because it put you into the man’s domain. But my mini me watched “Star Trek” everyday with my dad, and she started wondering why if Uhura could go to space and hold a good job, and be treated with respect, and look good doing it, then why couldn’t I? Oh yea, what about Princess Leia from “Star Wars?” Historically speaking, what about Queen Elizabeth, and Billy Jean King … the list is endless! But Uhura started it for me.

Yep, my mini me grew real restless. All my friends had mini yous as well, but I think I was the only one that actually listened to mine. So here I am today starting college again in order to get a Masters because that’s the way the job market runs. My mini me led me on a fine chase.

I’ve been to half the states in the USA. I’ve been to Mexico. And now, I’m writing an article in a place, that at the age of eleven I would never of dreamed possible. The mini you in the commercial made me realize just how much of my life happened just because I listened to the tiny voice in the back of my head that always said, “What have you got to lose?” Everyone has a mini you or me but not everyone listens to it. I don’t bemoan my crazy life. Without it and my conscious, my mini me, I would not have this wonderful life I have today.

What have I lost? A bad marriage which seems many people experience anyway. But I’ve gained my dignity, my self-respect, a world of new acquaintances, and brain full of ideas that I’m going to tryout once I get off the computer! Take some time out of your day and sit and listen to your mini you and try something new like a different color of lipstick or offer to help someone at work. Whatever you mini you suggests, go with, after all, what have you got to lose?


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