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Miracles Still Happen!

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As I join the church in a corporate prayer and fast, I find myself drawing nearer to the Lord and finding the time to listen to his voice as it speaks to my heart. This past Wednesday, I was praying at our church when the Holy Spirit led me to pray for my mother. The prayer was specific as I prayed for healing for her heart and arteries so that she would not have another heart attack. She has suffered several attacks and has had a quadruple bypass, thus the concerns for her heart. I prayed with a deep belief that God not only heard my prayer through the ears of Christ, but that Christ spoke them to the Father on my behalf.

The next day, Thursday morning, my brother contacted me to let me know that my mom had suffered a heart attack the night before and that she was in the hospital. My first reaction was to say Lord how can that be, I know that you heard my prayer. I then humbly thanked the Lord for ensuring that my mother survived another heart attack, realizing that He had kept her alive and that was enough.

My mother remained in the hospital and I spoke to her several times to make sure she was all right. I spoke to my brother who met with the doctors and he told me that they concluded there were no blocked arteries; all of the exams revealed that there was no heart attack. The doctors could not explain the severe chest pain and throbbing in her jaw and arm, the best they could offer was to present the results of her tests to her cardiologist and perhaps he would be able to explain what happened.

I don’t need to hear what her cardiologist has to say as I know that the healer of healers laid hands on my mother and prevented the heart attack. Not only did he prevent it, but he healed her arteries; Praise God! His word proclaims that if we abide in Him and His word abides in us, that we could ask what we will and it shall be granted onto us. That word is as true today as it was when Christ walked upon the earth; we simply need to have the faith of a mustard seed to move that mountain.

I spoke with my mom yesterday and she told me that the doctors could not explain what happened, but that she didn’t have a heart attack and was alright. She went on to tell me not to worry! Mom I’m not worried at all, because I know that my Lord and Savior lives and in Him all things are possible! Miracles still happen! I love you Mom!


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