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The Mom Eagle

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Disappointments grow into tribulations and, by developing patients through these conditions, the Lord is able to use us, to place us where He wants. God deals with us in much the same way the mother eagle teaches her eaglets. As time approaches for them to leave the nest, instead of looking at the safety of the wing they look to the far ground below. She begins to remove the nest feathers that gave protection from the thorns. When the thorns become uncomfortable, she spreads her great wings for them to climb upon. Many of us, rather than trusting the Lord, look to the places where we might fall, “I’m not ready Lord; wait a while!” So the Lord pulls the feathers from our nest until we become willing to move onto His wings. And as mom eagle takes her young for a ride, showing them how thrilling it is and making them eager for more, the Lord gently takes us into more of His greatness. Then one day as the eaglets are enjoying the ride, mom flies out from underneath, letting them fall screaming through space and not even trying to fly. Before they hit the ground, however, she gathers them up again.

The Lord deals with us in this way until we decide to start flapping our wings, until we begin to use the faith and strength He has given us, and follow in the path that Jesus leads. God is waiting for us to act like Jesus.

Parents shielding their children from responsibility and Independence do them a great disservice, robbing them of the ability to handle set-backs and discouragements; eventually turning loose in this world great big, soft, overgrown sponges. Everything they desired was provided for them work-free. Suddenly one day Mom and Dad are no longer around to pick up the piece—and there are many of them scattered about ...



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