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Mom, We Miss You

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Dear Mom,

Just a quick note to let you know how we are all doing and what has been going on lately.

First, I must gush to you about your two beautiful great-granddaughters, Hannah and Claire. Carole and I are having such fun being grand mothers. Our children are wonderful parents. I have learned to hold myself back from offering unsolicited advice since I figure you must have had to do the same thing on more than one occasion. Carole wishes she were closer to Claire but the times she does have with her are precious. I get to see my most adorable Hannah at least once a week. She is learning French and going to swimming classes every Sunday morning. I feel you close to her all the time, since she has that beautiful red hair.

After you passed away, Steve decided to write both Peter and I off. We let him stew for a while but we never intended to let it go on for too long. At my last big birthday party, we invited him and he arrived with your other two terrific grandchildren, Alex and Ryan. They, by the way, are doing fantastically. Ryan is no longer shy and stand-offish. He joins right in with all the family silliness. He is such a terrific guy and now towers over Bernie, Alex is a stunning young lady who has much promise in front of her.

Your dear Peter is aging well. As with all of us, he is a bit crocky. You would be amazed at how sentimental he is, turning to tears if the moment seems right. Carole upon seeing him dissolve, suggest he quit the scotch and switch to ice water.

We have not interred your ashes yet. I am making arrangements to do so the end of June. Carole wants some of you for herself and I will take a small bit to scatter in the Simon River. I know you never told us exactly what to do with you so I just made an executive decision. The majority of you will be in the Hanley plot along with your parents. Peter plans in bring martinis along to toast you. I imagine he will cry. I might even sing or say a poem.

We are all well and we miss you so very much. I will be with my daughter and granddaughter tomorrow. At dinner we will remember you with many good thoughts. I feel you close to me. I feel your spirit is in my heart as I know it is in the hearts of all those who love you. We all send you and dad our love.

Do not forget to dance. I know dad will grumble and pass but crazy Eddie is there and will no doubt do a fantastic Gitter-Bug with you. Say “HI” to all the ancestors I have found and placed in the family tree. I wish we had found them sooner. The Internet is amazing for getting things to where they need to be, so I am hoping Heaven has an Internet Cafe that you have discovered. Not sure if Heaven has email, but there are Angles out there that will expedite this important task … just sayin‘.

Oh and the girls at the nursing home miss you, too. George is still doing his George stuff and remembers you fondly.

Mom, you are the best.

Love, Barb


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