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The Mood of Memoir

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One of the many moods of memoir allow us to gain better understanding of whom she is to reclaim who we are as women. Throughout time, women have been the weavers and the keepers of the rich and multi-colored fabric of humanity, of society. Today, we are rediscovering the need to reconnect, and we are doing so in spirit through the golden threads of story: stories that give us glimpses of primal female wisdom by which to connect, to foster relationships, to rebuild trust, and to rely upon in an increasingly unwelcoming external environment that can be intimidating and unsympathetic to the cares and concerns of the ordinary woman.

Historically and globally, it has essentially been the primary responsibility of women to nurture the family. CNN reported, in August 2008, a new trend in educated women foregoing a career and choosing to stay at home to take care of their children, and a surprising number of women who are simply stay-at-home wives (without children), making them “neo-pioneers in this post-feminist world.”

Faith Popcorn’s Brain Reserve reports a current phenomenon in contemporary culture termed “DownAging”—the powerful immaturity urge, a need to connect with the memories, real or fantasy, inspired by our childhoods. Popcorn’s 2009 predictions, which rely upon a talent bank of 10,000 experts and also studying 1,200 consumers across the globe, go on to delineate several new rules or trends, which show families:

  • “Reclaiming”—We are reclaiming our lives.
  • “Retrenching”—We are pulling together and retrenching with “cuddles and hugs.”
  • “Resetting”—We are resetting our priorities about what is really important to us—that being intimate family relationships.
  • “Reinventing”—We are reinventing who we are and how we want to be in today’s world.

You might say we are in the “mood” to take a good look at the qualities of character and spirit that belong to our mothers and grandmothers—all women who hold significance in our lives in the present and the past—with the hope of gaining a better understanding of whom they are and valuing what makes these women tick. Nothing can quite equal honoring a loved one with a simple memoir that shows some understanding about whom they are at their core. And the need to reinvest in family inspires us to write true tales, bio-vignettes, about our mothers, even if we have never written a story before. By so doing, we are reclaiming basic human needs, desires, and attitudes as we prepare for a future what once again places value on what it really means to be WOMAN.


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