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Mother Father God

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{A Warm Welcome}

We have invited you here for the enjoyment of what we have to offer. It is no coincidence that you have come across this page. Make no mistakes about it, you were called here. As we speak to you through this format, you will hear the truth of our words. They will connect to a deeper part of you. Understand that when we speak to you, we are speaking to the whole of you. An understanding of who we are will unfold for you as you read this passage.We are so delighted that we have the chance to speak with you. Let us begin.

{Passage One}

We are pleased that we can reach you in this way. We have been longing to share our presence with you. To show you how loved you truly are. We are here as one.

Breathtaking you are dear child. You take our breath away. Every time you smile or laugh we shiver with enthusiasm. We watch you as you grow. We watch every detail of your days. We revel in joy with every step that you take.

We see sometimes that you are afraid to move forward. Afraid of what lies ahead, of what’s in store for you, or of what it will feel like if you fall. We stand back and watch you go, knowing that you will be okay. We walk with you always and there is nothing that you cannot handle.

We want you to know that the basis of your life is not struggle or strife. Peace and serenity is what we have placed within your heart. Know that you have come from a great love. A love that is eternal, everlasting, and unshakeable. Know that your divine parents conceived you out of love and joy.

There are so many things that we want to share with you. There are so many words that we want to say. Knowing how overwhelmed you would be with our outpouring of unconditional love, we will keep these words soft and gentle. We will spring our love on you incrementally. In the portion that you can handle it in, in these moments.

Your every smile is a milestone to us. We take note of everything that makes you happy. We love to see you delighted with the things that we have prepared for you. We love it when you take notice to the things that are beautiful in the world. We want you to know that everything that you see that is beautiful was inspired by you. Everytime we look at you we get a new idea for new beauty to release into the world.

You dear one are our true source of inspiration. We live and breathe for you. We live and breathe to see you open your eyes to the wonders that are around you. You are our inspiration dear one.

Take a deep breath. We know that even those small words may be overwhelming, but we want you to know just how special you truly are to us. We want you to know that there is not a thing you can do to make us not love you.

Rest assured that our love for you is steadfast, immovable, and irreplaceable. Our love is so grand that we have to give it to you in increments. With every breath that you take, know that is us. We are speaking to you through your breath to say we love you.

Sit with us for a few moments dear child and let your cares fall away. We know that you feel you have so much to do and so many people to please. Sit with us for a moment and let the burden that is on your heart flow away.

Sit comfortably within our presence we are one.


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