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Motivate Me: Letter to My Younger Self

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Dear Younger Self,

When you were in high school, you had no idea what your passion was. Everyone was filling out college applications, taking their SATs, doing extracurricular activities, and trying their absolute hardest to get the very best grades in the most advanced classes they could get into. You, on the other hand, were unmotivated and, I think, a little bit scared (although I know you would never admit it), and that held you back from accomplishing more than you did. Luckily, your mother forced you to go to community college, and after a year you snapped out of it and really worked hard for what you hoped would be your future. You picked your college major, transferred to a university, got good grades, and was all around much more motivated in life.

Although you think your life is going in a great direction, now that you’ve graduated college and accumulated a lot of business experience, you will always wonder how different things could have been if you had become motivated to succeed a bit sooner. You could have moved away from home earlier, met new people, and taken a completely different career path. If I could go back, I would give you a big kick in the butt and tell you to go out and accomplish something. I see myself having a stern conversation with you that would go something like this:

Casi, there is nothing to be afraid of, and even though you don’t know exactly what you want for your future, the only way to figure that out is to try new things. Failing is okay! You are smart enough to get into a major four-year university. Friends are important, but they aren’t everything. Mom is not trying to ruin your life by forcing you to have all your homework done before the weekend begins; she’s trying to help you. And lastly, it’s not a good idea to go to Magic Mountain the night before you take your SATs. You will become motivated one day; why not make that day today?

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