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Mouthing Off: Word on the Web

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We were reminded of the power of the spoken word last week when David Letterman apologized for his joke about Sarah Palin’s daughter. The following round-up will help you consider and control the words that you speak. 

You’ll laugh at this list of inappropriate times to say, “I love you.” ( 

For those of you who tend to be chatty and clingy, this list will guide you on what not to say after making love. ( 

Jillian, the star of ABC’s The Bachelorette, could use this advice of what not to say to a guy’s father when she visits his hometown next week. ( 

You know you don’t have to please others all the time, but why is saying “no” so difficult and stressful? These five tips help you say no nicely. (             

No one is immune to the neighborhood or family gossip. If you’re tired of ignoring the verbal blows, it’s time you learned how to respond to trash-talk. (AlphaMom) 

What we say with our bodies can be just as important as what comes out of our mouths. Check out how to use body language to earn respect in the office. ( 

When a friend is troubled, it’s hard to know whether to speak or just listen. Here’s a guide for determining when to give advice and when to offer encouragement. ( 

You’ve been avoiding the awkward “birds and the bees” topic for a while now, but eventually you have to do it. This thorough article teaches you the best way to talk to your child about sex. (


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