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My Birthday

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Today is my birthday! I am in my birthday suit, but I couldn’t manage to get out all the wrinkles! It doesn’t look as new, my birthday suit, as when I first wore it. There are places where it has seen wear and tear and I can count each day of my life on it.

The fabric of my birthday suit reads like a road map. There on the elbows and knees are a few scratches from the carefree days of my youth, when I would ride horses all day and play “cowboys and Indians” with my cousin. On the arms are remnants of the tangles with briars and bobbed wire fences, over-zealous dogs and frightened cats.

The “lapels” of my suit sag WAY more than they used to! Haha! The appendectomy scar, the back surgery . . . all left marks in the once fine fabric. On the breast pocket I can see the evidence of many broken hearts, but the cloth is stronger here. I can see the love for my family and especially my two children woven into the seams. All the times I was so sure the very fabric would rend and never be repaired from all the sad goodbyes of lost friends and lost loves; then the indescribable joy of the birth of my daughters, the unwavering faith in God, the happiness of true friendship have given the once sad fabric new luster and strength.

On my cheeks I count the tracks of tears of joy and pain; the tiny wrinkles at the corner of my eyes from looking towards the sun or into the future; the laugh lines, the gray hairs—given to me by my kids (haha)! Thinking about it now . . . on second thought, I kinda like all these wrinkles and scars and bumps on this old birthday suit. They tell a tale of pain, sorrow, joy, gaining, losing, and growing into a better person. Thank goodness I didn’t try to use the steam iron on it!


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