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My Body and Mind are Vibrant, Healthy, and Whole

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#2 in a series of Self-Reflection Exercises for the strengthening of the inner soul.

Look at yourself as a beautiful, healthy, vibrant person, both inside and out. Not only see yourself this way but also believe it. See the value in “you” as a human being. Embrace the inner and outer beauty that you possess. You are a unique and precious creation to be treasured always and without excuse not to.

Physically you are strong and healthy. Celebrate that you are beautiful and there is no one else like you. It is wonderful to be such a unique creation!

Mentally, you have everything you need to succeed. You are smart, friendly, alert, and receptive. You use your intelligence well to help yourself and others move forward with their goals and dreams.

“I know I can continue to improve. I am happy and healthy now, but each day makes me better. Every day I enjoy a more vibrant, healthier mind and body. I feel whole, centered, and at peace. I know I am on the right path for my life.”

Everything you do helps you to be healthier. Form habits of eating nutritious food and engaging in vigorous activities, as well as taking time for reflection and meditation, all which bring you greater health and harmony.

Watch your mind and body increasingly radiate happiness and joy. Feel at peace and know that you can succeed at your dreams. You have the inner strength to make them real.

“Today, I accept and appreciate the strength and beauty of my body and mind.”

Take Action Now!
Self-Reflection Questions:
1. How can I learn to better appreciate all that my body and mind has to offer?
2. How should I begin taking better care of myself, mentally and physically?
3. What can I do to pay closer attention to the importance of how I’m feeling?


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