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My Boyfriend Helped Me Recover from My Rape

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This story contains graphic or mature content.

I am Kate, and right now, as I’m writing this, I’m in my room at the care home in Wales. I’m sixteen years old and I’m listening to my favorite boy band, The Wanted.

Just a few months ago, I lived with my stepdad, my mum, and my baby brother. My mother had always wanted a boy and never took any notice of me. When she married my stepdad, they had my baby brother. Before my mum met my stepdad, Nick, she was always very abusive to me, sometimes verbally, but most of the time physically. If I got caught kissing my boyfriend, slap! Or if I talked back slap! Most of the time I would accept it and go up to my room, but when she met Nick she became more abusive and Nick was even more violent to me.

I always tell my boyfriend everything. His name is Jay, he is so well built (muscular) and so handsome and romantic. We have been together for four years now. I tell him not to tell anyone about what happen at home; he always said that I should. I’m way too scared though, but I always stay by Jay.

One day, I carelessly decided I would skip school and go to the most beautiful forest I had ever seen. It was so peaceful and romantic; we sat and kissed most of the day. I wanted to wait until my seventeenth birthday to have sex, and Jay respected that. After we had a little swim by the clear blue waterfall, when I was in my bikini, he said to me, “Are those bruises new?” I nodded; I did have a lot of bruising and burns on my body that I always told him about, but I forgot about the ones going around my wrists from me being held so tightly. Jay looked angry, I guessed at my parents for hurting me again.

We headed back to my house and he kissed me so passionately. We couldn’t help ourselves; we placed our hands on each other’s butts. We smiled and I went inside. I tried to sneak upstairs, but Nick shouted, “Kate, get in here right now!” He was furious at me. I walked anxiously into the living room where Nick he grabbed my waist very tightly and chucked me against the wall, causing my head to bleed he then kicked me in the stomach several times before he went down to me. I was gasping for air helplessly and I ended up throwing up blood and he got me by my wavy, long and silky brown curls and pulled me onto the table and shouted, “How dare you act like that toward your skanky boyfriend!” I didn’t dare hear anyone talk about Jay like that, so I stood up from the table and shouted, “Yeah really he is not skanky; you two are the skanky ones. It’s not like I had sex with him on top of your crap car is it?” He hit my face I fell to the ground and I heard my mum saying, “Go on Nick, show that insolent slapper a lesson!”

I heard a zipper being undone. My eyes filled with tears I said hopefully, “No please ... don’t … please Nick …” but before I could finish my plea he was cutting my polo shirt off, feeling my breasts. He then poured his wine over me, he then turned me over to undo my bra and threw it behind him. He turned me back over and feeling my bare breasts. I was too dazed and out of breath to even move and even if I tried, I couldn’t because he was sitting on top of me. After he finished squeezing my breasts extremely roughly he took of my plain gray trousers. I got my strength back and started pleading again and trying to resist him. He managed with his pen knife to cut off my pink underwear.  

I pleaded. I fought back some more, but before I knew it he was going into me so roughly that afterward he had made my privates (not so private to them anymore) bleed. He got up and realized that I was bleeding, and decided to open my legs and look at the blood. He said, “Aww darling, you’re bleeding like a skanky slag.” I curled up into a ball and I think then he must have beaten me so hard that I passed out.

The next thing I remember was a loud knocking and shouting at the door. My parents and little brother were nowhere to been seen or heard from. I couldn’t move from being hurt so much and being so incredibly weak. I heard two men shouting my name it was Jay and his twenty-one-year-old brother, Tom, who was a personal trainer. Tom and I had always been close since Jay and I were going out. Well, he kicked down the door and came in and saw my naked body. They were both shocked and speechless. A few tears ran down my face and Jay came to me and Tom got the blanket from the sofa to cover my naked, bleeding body. Jay lifted me in a marriage way we went into Tom’s car. I was lying on Jay’s lap crying he couldn’t stop hugging and kissing me. He looked at my leg and said, “Babe, did he rape you?” I cried more but I said yes, very weakly, and I heard Tom say, “That son of a bitch.” I asked him how could he tell and he said, “Well first off, you were naked in the floor. And I can see blood coming from … you know and that can happen if you have been raped viciously.” I cried some more and he hugged and kissed me some more.

We got to the hospital and Jay carried me in. At first I refused to say if I had been raped and who did this. But they figured out that I had been raped because I wanted to take a shower so badly, and Jay and Tom told them about the violence with my parents (who got locked away). I had a full rape kit done which proved that my father raped me. I made a statement and they got caught, I was sent to a care home which was ten minutes away from Jay’s house; we see each other every single day without fail, he comes with me to counseling, which helps me. If you’re being sexually, physically, or emotionally abused you need to tell someone because if you don’t you can get into some deep trouble with your abuser. Your not alone out there, there will always be someone to listen to you and help you to get from abuse, recover from abuse and more. So talk to someone, their always going to be there for you!

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