My Brother, a Man After God’s Own Heart

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Break rooms are notorious for gossip and dirty jokes. But several years ago I entered a break room where the people were wrapped up in a conversation that centered around a tent meeting that was coming to town. They were talking about a black preacher they called “Brother Ron.” There was a sense of excitement in the room. After listening for a while, I found myself asking, “What’s so special about this black preacher?”

Several had piped up with, “He’s able to tell you things about your life that come true.”

HmmI had seriously struggled with the fact of his being real. I was from California and I had seen a lot of phony people, even in the Christian realm.

It proved to be an evening I would never forget. It had been hot and I was anxious to locate the tent where the Revival was to be held. I left two hours early so it was no surprise that I was the only one there when I arrived. I could see the many rows of chairs that rested quietly under the tent. I had a few minutes to myself, my thoughts and prayers. At last I had gotten out of the car and headed for the front row. The minute I stepped under the tent, I knew that what I would experience in the service that night would be real. The Holy Spirit that lived within me immediately connected with the Spirit that was obviously present under the tent. I sat quietly as I watched the crowd begin to gather.

Before long, “Brother Ron” had arrived. He brought with him the presence of God. He picked up his base guitar and led the congregation into a Spirit of Worship. His music was alive and brought joy to your soul. He led us into prayer, real prayer, a prayer that I knew reached Heaven. My soul hungered for what I felt as I listened to the Word of God that he shared with us. It was right to the point. I knew in my heart that this was the “real” anointing and presence of God. I had never heard such preaching.

Many years have passed since then. He’s always been up front and true to the Gospel that he preaches and the God he serves. I’ve watched him go through many trials and tribulations; beyond what most could have endured. Yet, he continues to serve and be obedient to God; his actions speak volumes to me.

He’s not just a Sunday Christian; what you see in church is what you see no matter where you see him. He’s just as warm and friendly in Wal-Mart’s as he is in the church house.

Over the years, I have gone as far as Missouri to hear him preach. When you love God and seek the truth, then you find you can’t get too much of Brother Ron’s preaching. It is so full of life and truth. God has anointed him to preach His Word with a sense of humor that allows you to be anything but bored.

I’ve watched him go into places to preach that many other ministers wouldn’t even consider going. He prays for the sick and the unlovely, the alcoholic, drug addict—he shows respect for these people. He’s there for the soul who is searching for God.

God has raised him up for a time such as this and has given him many spiritual gifts—healing, discernment, and leadership, just to name a few. God allows him to see the heart of man. He is being used to show us the way, like a modern day Moses.

I have come to love him like my flesh and blood brother. We are sister and brother from another mother; we both have the same Heavenly Father. He is truly a man after God’s own heart.



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