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My Christmas Story

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It all started with $0.86 worth of postage stamps.

I was standing next to a lady at the post office. We were both putting stamps on our Christmas cards. I hear her say, “Oh, I need one more stamp.” She was very grateful when I offered her a stamp, and she reached in her purse to pay me. I declined, and she thanked me. A little while later, she was short yet another stamp. I thought for a minute, and then decided I to give her another stamp so she would not have to wait in the long line. She insisted on paying me. I heard myself say no, just “pay it forward.” We wished each other a merry Christmas.

Off to the home store, where I was looking at a gift for my daughter; something I knew she needed and would enjoy. It was a little pricey so I was mentally debating whether to get it. Out of the blue, I turned to see a clerk standing next to me. Where did he come from? I thought. He said, “Wait a moment,” and went into his wallet and handed me a $20 coupon! Just like that! Like someone just handed me a $20 bill. I thanked him and bought the gift.

On to the toy store for my grandson’s present. I was shocked to see how much toys cost these days. Wow! I found the perfect toy. He can ride on it! Learn his colors and letters, and it talks! Fun and educational. This toy was perfect and a whopping $50, plus tax. But he is my grandson and … well it’s Christmas.

I’m standing in line and strike up a conversation with a young mother. She has the most beautiful baby boy in her carriage. She looks like a child herself and tells me she has three children. She assures me that the toy I have is absolutely perfect. It’s my time to check out and she asks the cashier, “Can she use this card?” The cashier says, “Do you know each other?” Before I can say anything, she says, “Oh yes, we are great friends!” So the cashier rings me up and says to the young mother, “You will be getting a coupon in the mail.” She looks disappointed and says, “I thought she could use it.” I said, “All is the way it should be, you need it more with three children,” and I thanked her. When the sale was completed, the toy was marked down $20! Although it didn’t say it was on sale, I got the sale price


The same day, I was contacted by a local restaurant and given free gift certificates worth $125 from an online survey I filled out!

It all started with $0.86 worth of postage stamps. I have absolutely no expectations when I can give to someone. None! It doesn’t matter the cost of the gift. I have learned, it’s what the person needs at the time.

We have heard something like, “When we give with a pure heart it will come back to us a thousand times greater.” My favorite all-time verse: “Look at the birds of the air, they do not sow or reap and yet our Heavenly Father feeds them … are we not more important?”

These are difficult times and we may worry sometimes about whether we have enough, and all the what ifs. Once we give up that notion of fear and just live and help others, I firmly believe all the rest will fall in place. Give someone something today, a smile, a pat on the back, perhaps a postage stamp. Listen with an open heart.



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