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My Dry January

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I’ve exercised enough will power to make it through the first week. Here are the pros and cons thus far of my wine and beer-free* existence (for merely an existence it is … ).

Pro: Face is noticeably less puffy and sallow in the morning
Con: Reduce puffiness … increased wrinkle visibility

Pro: Increased ambition in the evening
Con: Ambition wasted playing Welder and Words with Friends

Pro: No more second or third glass of wine while watching Beverly Hills Housewives
Con: Watching Beverly Hills Housewives sober

Pro: No longer embarrassed by contents of recycling bin
Con: Fewer calories burned carrying recycling to the curb

Pro: Eliminating 300 or so “empty” calories per day
Con: Weight gain due to rationalizing second helpings and dessert due to aforementioned “pro”
*I’m a cheap date. Never drank spirits.

A PostScript:
Alcoholism is a serious thing and my intent is not to make light of the disease. I have seen the damage it does first hand. However, neither will I comment on my propensity in this regard, so as to avoid the “she doth protest too much” cocks of your eyebrows. I mean only to chronicle in a light-hearted way MY experience for these thirty days. At this moment, I expect to toast to my achievement come February.

Be Simple 


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