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My Escape Into Now

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Have you ever felt you have been missing a lot of what is going on around you and possibly in you? We are taught to make plans, set goals, and use our imaginations to the fullest. Is there ever a time when we come back from all of that and settle into the present moment, NOW?

I am proud to say I made my escape through much effort and pain. One day I decided to stop and “smell the roses.” I did and discovered their smell, their texture, and brilliance. The next day I stopped to “smell the coffee.” There is an aroma that overwhelms the senses and calms the atmosphere. The fragrance is bold and robust. My discovery in my Now goes on. I observed the light in my bedroom and noticed the hues of blue that enter each morning on sunrise. My body is at rest and sounds like an easy flowing river. There is no turmoil and clashes.

I like to think that my Life is a colorful menagerie of beauty, fragrance, and power. There is place obtained place in the Now, where I experience whom, and what I am. What I need in the present is obtained and not later. I am acutely aware of what is going on around and in me. It is not nearly as bad as I imagined. Why was I afraid to face Now? Because for many of us Now is an unknown frontier with many untraveled and unnoticed people, places, and events.

Now is my Present. I look forward to experiencing Now every day. I found that the past is the past, and more importantly, that goodness is following me and not my past. I live in the Now and not in the future for I may miss something or someone who holds the key to my present joy!


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