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My Eyes Say Yes But My Stomach Says No

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When my daughter, Kayle, was four years old, we spent the Thanksgiving holiday with my husband’s family. We all ate far too much of that magnificent Thanksgiving feast. When my sister-in-law brought the pumpkin pies to the table, she turned to Kayle. 

“Kayle, would you like a piece of pumpkin pie?” 

Four-year-old Kayle gazed at the pies then finally replied, “My eyes say yes but my stomach says no.” 

Often through the years my eyes have said, “Yes.” “Yes” to that fancy new car but my bank account said “No.” “Yes” to that designer dress but my pocket book said “No.” As I enter the senior years of my life, my eyes no longer care about that fancy new car or that designer dress. But I have found my eyes now linger a bit too long on that piece of pumpkin pie.


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