My Favorite Place

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I recently had to take a workshop for school on writer’s workshop. We talked about how to make writers out of our students. First we need to be writers ourselves.

The topic was your favorite place …

I have many … but the one I wrote about was “The Hotel.”

When I lived in NY my parents owned a bar and restaurant. It used to be a hotel, hence the name “The Hotel.” It was actually called “The Belmont” and I loved being there with my mom. As long as I can remember I would go to work with my mom.

My mom told me this memory (since I was too young to remember at the time). She had my walker there and she would put me in the walker as she did her thing to get the place ready to open up for lunch. I was free to roam around. One day she was looking for me and I was nowhere to be seen! Cooks, waitresses, and bartenders were looking for me and eventually I was found—behind the bar! All the “good” liquor was kept on the back wall on these steps that were built over an old fireplace. I was back there in my little walker taking my pinky and licking it and sticking it into the different spouts to taste!
There was carpet throughout the hotel even at the bar. Sometimes people would drop money and wouldn’t realize it because it was hard to hear. I loved going to the hotel first thing in the morning to check the floor so I could see what goodies I would find! Dollars were the best and found a lot (since it’s hard to hear a dollar bill fall on the ground!)

We had Fish Fry Fridays; that was my favorite day! We were always so busy … I would help the cooks and waitresses by washing the dishes and they would always give me some of their tips when I had to go home.

My mom and my favorite band that would come and play was Charisma. They were awesome! I was never aloud to stay for their performance but I was always there when they would set up and do their sound checks. They would always play my favorite song True Colors by Madonna. That was my mom’s favorite too!
I used to go to food shows with my mom. I don’t really remember what the point of them were. I think it had to do with finding new foods to carry for the menu. We had chocolate cheesecake. I had a hard time staying away from it. I would walk to the hotel from school almost every day and my afternoon snack was chocolate cheesecake. My mom would always joke that she couldn’t sell it because I ate it all! (Not a total joke … mostly true!)

My parents got rid of “The Belmont” when I was ten … I had my tenth birthday party there. We moved away when I was twelve. Things were never the same afterwards.

I lost my mom a year and a half ago to her battle with leukemia. I can’t stop thinking about her and most of my childhood memories revolve around the hotel.

That’s why it’s my favorite place.


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