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My Feet

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Chapter 13
My Feet

I’ve been thinking about a story that happened when I was twenty years old. It’s weird because I haven’t thought about it in years. I was taking a speech class at Orange Coast College. The assignment was to talk about what we liked about ourselves. I talked about how I liked my personality, how I was outgoing and loved talking with people and being social. The teacher asked me what physical aspect I liked about myself. I could not think of anything. Then, I suddenly remembered someone saying that I had cute feet. It was summer and I was wearing flip-flops. I looked at my feet and thought to myself, yeah, they are cute. So in front of about thirty people, in answer to the question what I liked about my body, I replied, “My feet.” That was it!! For the first time in my life I was forced to look at my body and what I came up with was I love my cute feet. How embarrassing. This helped me to take a look at my body and myself. I have been so detached from and my body. So I went home and took off all my clothes. I looked in the mirror and immediately put them back on. But that was the beginning of getting in touch with my physical self. Now I can say, I have nice breasts, beautiful hazel eyes, which become green when I cry. Great hair, which is silky soft, a cute nose and of course I can’t forget my adorable feet.

This is a chapter from my book, A Touch On The Shoulder, which I am trying to publish. Check out my blog at Thank you for your support.



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