My Firsts List

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I think I am addicted to lists.

I think that because last week here I was in the office, surfing the net and got inspired by a blogger who is going to accomplish 100 firsts each day.

So, guess what? I got myself the same goal—only to flex it a bit by not making it a daily thing, just Firsts. Firsts can be simple goals; they don’t have to be huge accomplishments. As I am now on First number eight, I realize that this is a good way to make me stop and think before I do something.

A way that I can be creative, get out of mundane daily routines, and more importantly, challenge myself to do something new!

So, what Firsts have I accomplished in the past week?

1. I finally attended my First yoga class! (Yes, yes I am a very late bloomer.)

2. I made Roasted Broccoli and it was delicious! (My little oven and I are friends again.)

3. I watched three fascinating talks on (Give me a break from YouTube please.)

4. I finally learned how to download from bittorrent! 

5. I made something pretty out of recycled stuff (brings me back to art and craft class).

6. I made sweet corn and chickpea flour fritters (there’s a Jamie in me).

7. I cooked a new dish (simple chicken, celery, and shiitake stir-fry).

Yes, I keep a list, amongst other lists that I have already have. Being online a lot I finally found sites that provide me with the inspiration to do something good. Something that makes me happy. Things I can feel smug about, what’s wrong with being immensely pleased with yourself, right?

I still have bungee jumping and marathon tucked nicely somewhere in my life list. One day!


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