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My Higher Power Sent Help

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I was amazed recently when I was looking back over my life at some dangerous moments when I was almost killed! There was the time I lived in a house by the beach. It was a wonderful white stone house and right down on the sand. Everybody knew me, with my bright red hair flying behind me, I rode a bike on the sand because it was packed hard enough. I went for runs on that sand. Friendly and outgoing as I am, I just assumed everybody liked me.

It was a smallish city.

Then one fine sunny day when I was walking on the beach, a man approached me. He seems to come right up behind me. There were people out on the sand, families enjoying the weather and the sun.

But at this particular spot he just grabbed me and somehow flipped me over.
Then he spun me around and flipped me over once again.

People would later tell me they thought we were just goofing around.

But at the time no one seemed to notice this action.

hen suddenly he was on top of me and had me around the throat yelling loudly that he was going to kill me.

“You bitch,” he said as he began strangling me.

Just then, a thought came into my head, “I’ll give you a back massage,” I said, my voice trembling with sheer terror.

Sitting up and relaxing his grip on my throat, he asked, “You will?

“Yes,” I said, shocked that this offer from me would stop his violence.

His voice was sweet and calm.

I massaged his back right there on the sand.

After a while, I said very gently, “I gotta go. It’s getting dark.”

“Oh, I do, too,” he said. “ I know where you live, though, so I will come by later.”

“Sure,” I heard myself say, just trying to be rid of him.

He walked away then, down that beach.

Without a word to anyone, I went back to my house on the sand and packed a large suitcase.

I would not be back to that rented house at all.

That night I went to a hotel.

The next day, I booked a flight and went back home to Boston.

A week later, I reported the crime to police in that town and sent the landlord back the keys to that house.

It later turned out that this man who had attacked me was wanted on both coasts in the United States for assault on women.

But I believe that my Higher Power put the right words into my head to say at that moment.

So I was saved.

See, I could not have thought of those words myself

Who would ever dream that offering a massage would save your life.

How could I have known that those six words would work to stop him?


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