My Life Is Like a Country Song

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There is no doubt I am a country music fanatic. I love the concept of a country life, plain and simple. Now, in saying “My Life is Like a Country Song” (to give credit where credit is due, this is a play on Chris Cagel’s My Life’s Been a Country Song), I don’t mean the country song about how the wife has left him, the dog dies, and he has been drinking to no end. I mean the concept of family, good values, and simplicity! The front-porch-swinging, slow-paced-living kind of song.

When you live in a busy area (like Orange County, California) you somewhat feel the need to stay busy like all the others. There is a feeling you are missing something if you don’t do it all. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom with a crowded activity/volunteer schedule or the high powered executive who needs to close just one more deal, it seems as if we are wearing ourselves out. Personally, the fast-paced life can beat me up. Some days, I dream of sitting on a wraparound porch, sipping tea, rocking in a swing, and staring out at a field of grass. (Of course, I would be listening to some old Kenny Rogers and the sound track to Urban Cowboy.) I guess I just wish the world would slow down, at least for a day or two.

For most, to slow down we dream of relaxing vacations. We go on vacations with the idea we are going to relax, but come home more exhausted then we left because we crammed in so much on vacation, we never had the opportunity to relax. Not to mention the amount of money we spend on vacations that make us feel we need to work more to pay off what we spent! It is like a vicious cycle that never ends.

I keep myself, my home, and my family organized, so I feel a little less crazed in my daily life. There is rarely a time where we are stressing out looking for something. We are efficient as we can be in a busy life. This allows us to have time to hang out and just be. But, for some reason, I still feel the need to do more. My brain can be on overdrive, while my surroundings are not. On my lists: write a book, update my website, send out a mailer, work on my presentations, PDF downloads on my Web site … the list goes on and on. I want to try and squeeze in so much I don’t allow myself to have the down time I need. I am always thinking of the next project.

This summer, I am making a vow to allow myself at least one day to just do nothing. Well, not really, I am a mom and that requires full time work, but I hope not to work on the house or my business. Just to be with my family and just BE! We have Adirondack chairs on our front porch and this summer I will be planting my bum on those while I watch my kids play. I will read, I will relax, and I will know that my work will still be there when I get back to reality. With my organizational skills, having a systems and procedures in place, I know I can allow myself to have the quiet happiness I am looking for! Now if only the asphalt street I look out to on my front porch could turn into a field of wild flowers …


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