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My Lord My Savior

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Hi my name is Margaret MacGillibray, recently, my son who is in the armed forces was training to be a pilot. I believe my savior was with me when he passed his final exams. He will be getting his wings today. Yesterday my daughter went to court for custody of her kids. She was able to get her two year old baby back. The oldest is still in school, so that answer will be decided on that later.

I would like to thank everyone whose prayers and faith brought about these things to happen, never before have I felt so much believe in my savior.

My Lord My Savior

My Lord my Savior, up to now, my life has not been so great.
But with all the prayers of loved ones, and myself certainly has deepened my faith.
I asked for a miracle, and Lord you gave that to me.
And my Savior I will be forever grateful to thee

Lord through my life there have been good times and bad.
But yesterday getting Baby Brayden back was the best day I’ve had.
You have certainly blessed our family in all of our trials and woes’
And for that Dear Lord I am forever grateful so,

Last week I felt my life had come to an end.
And Dear Jesus sometimes I forget with you I can always depend.
If someone ask me what gives you the strength you need.
I would have to answer You My Lord And Savoir indeed.

You have me with two beautiful kids, who are very dear to me.
And I’m as proud as a mother could be.
You are forever My Savior and also my best friend,
And my love for you will be there for you till the very end.


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