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My Loss

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Hi, my name is Carolyn. I lost my son who was thirty-seven and three of my grandchildren who were three, five, and fourteen in a car wreck on December 31, 2009. My whole world seemed to end on that day. But with God’s help and the prayers of my many Christian friends I am making it. 

I still have two more children and one grandchild left, so I try to be strong for them. But some day it’s hard. I like to imagine my son at Jesus’ feet and the babies running around having a wonderful time with their older brother. I have to pray for God’s grace every day. They all were a very big part of my life. I saw them almost every day and I miss them so much. My youngest son is having a hard time with this loss. I try to tell him to lean on Jesus. I know that one day I will see all of them again. 


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