My Love for You

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My Love for You

Did the world truly exist-
Before we loved?
With Mutual delights,
Shining splendor,
And dreams select;
An autumn day you appeared
As my falling star searing brightly
Across the black midnight sky,
Where all my wishes were;
Say you love me,
If only for this day,
And if I whisper back, “I love you”,
Will you consider to forever stay?
Your loveliness a stronghold,
While I trace your loving warmth -
My arms gather your body’s form,
My heart knows no other yesterday,
While in our tenderness we lay.
No masks to wear,
No games to play,
I vow my love for you
Never to betray,
The fruit of my honor
I give to thee, and only thee.
I’ll long for you forever,
I pray your love grows
Designed merely for me,
And every day I await your love-
This you will eternally see.


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