my memoir

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Excerpt from my true story that I am writing :

( please review the following and give your opinion whether your company would publish my long true childhood story or what should be my next step of my publishing goal? Thanks a million)

scene 1 – killed the chicken

One day in the summer, my mom went early in the morning to work in her fish farm. I don't know wht fish are those in her several acres fish ponds ( 2 big adjacent ponds in a plot in Hong Kong suburb near mainland China's border), she just told me to cook the chicken and ready for her when she should come back from the farm in the evening. I don't recall very well whether the (live, alive with feathers and quaking) live hen had been bought from the market across from the apartment building where we lived yesterday or it's been kept there in the kitchen for quite sometime.Butthe amazing thing was I knew I had not killed anthing before including mice, ( I was 14 or 15 years old weighing 90 lbs.& 4'11" or 5' tall). Why my mom would ordered me to chop and prepare and cook a live chicken for dinner? I am pretty sure my mom was not insane. It was just that I had been helping her around her business in th apartment and been watching her cooking in the kitchen. She therefore assumed that I could assume the responsibilities and abilities to prepare a meal for ourselves. But I really had not killed a live hen before. I could only guess she believed that I could do it because there were enough pots and pansand knieves and clevers laying there in the kitchen. She really believed I was a big girl then!

The apartment we lived in had been furbished into a 6-bedroom establishment; some with complete bathrooms within. That's right, my mom was also in business running a small motel and she also doubling-up as a madam. It was legal back then in Hong Kong to have a motel within an apartment building (but not the madam part of course). The motel was completed with neon sign hanging outside the balcony (the balcony was the kitchen attached to outside wall of the apartment unit). Oh, so that's why my mom assumed that I could handle a live hen since I had been watching her manage her business since I was 11 years old and living there with her and helping her do housekeeping after I came back from school daily (walking usually by myself or with classmates). Don't be alarmed, my mom in her own business but she would not allow me to be injured in any way. She was not in business to sell her child. She was in business to sell other women who were already in business for awhile. ( I'll have lot more to say about that later). Now let's get back to how I killed the hen.

So I didn't choose a big clever to cut the chicken head off instead I used a blade ( most likely it's formale customers' uses) So I closed the bathroom door after I cut the throat of the hen. Later I proceeded to wash and clean the mess. How I cooked it? I would have to put the whole thing into boiling pot of water before I could pulled the feathers even before I could steam it in the wok. It would have taken me the entire day. I was sure that chicken was ready for dinner that evening.

Scene 2 : motor cycle ride

Scene 3: helping my mom housekeeping and relaying regular patron's request and intentions sometimes

Scene 4: robbery; thank God everyone was O.K.

Scene 5: falling from the mezzanine floor (30 concrete steps) without my mom's knowlege when I was 6 or 7 yrs. old

Scene 6: mom running on the street after her 2 men while 1 tried to kill another; everyone still O.K. afterward

Scene 7……….

I am not concluding how many scenes yet, but a lot , it's like a diary…

But after all those roller coaster episodes, I am still a child when I entered America in Seattle, Washington. And years later, I was looking for marriage without telling my mom what I had been doing or not doing, I would have get myself killed ….etc. Because my mom didn't know I was still a child. She thought I already wasa woman. Godmust have been watching over me through St. Michael, the Archangel.( I will write about those men I was trying to meet later. ) After all the encounters in United States, New York, I went to be examined by gecelogist, she said I am fine with doctor's prescription note inmedical terminology I still am keeping and after that I did not dare to go near men or doing anything even by myself in that nature

The reasons I am spilling these are: There are people out there know somethingabout my life but not all true and make a fuss to give me hard time for my life; seond: it's all true as I memorize what all had been, and I would quote from an Chinese idiom " like lotus comes from dirt but not tainted"; and importance of all, good things canexist out of bad situations and God does exist andthat's why I am today.


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