my memoir: scene 2

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It was some time in the day, my babysitter walked with me up to the apt. door. My mom and I lived in a mezzanine level apartment. The steps were concrete. There must have been handrails. I was no more than 6 or 7 years old, short and small.As the babysitterreached thedoor and proceeded to open it, I was up behind her back. Nobody pushed me or anything, butItumbled from the top flight all theway down to the bottom. The bottom step reached out to the street outside. The steps had to be no less than 30 narrow and about 10-inch high for each. I remembered no bleeding, nobruises, no pain, no crying, no saying anything. Imush have been very calm. My babysitter, a yound woman, did not mention anything to me or my mom. I distinctly don't recall my mom had any mention of the incident. If my mom had known, she would have taken me to my pediatrician right away. Because even after I grew up, she's proud to mention that she had taken care of me so well since I was a child that she would not even allow me to have any sort of scare, bumps or anything resembling any inperfection on my skin, because those days in Hong Kong, children got smallpox, chicken pox and their skin outbreak easily leaving their face, skin marked with scars. My mom proudly announced a lot of times she would just take me to my doc. to have injections of penicillin ( the antibiotics that some people would get allergic reactions to these days, but we didn't know then). Even she said I was lucky that I didn't get killed by those injections because I was just a small child.

My mom had not known the incident of my tumbling at time of her death in 1995. I never had mentioned this to my mom not because I intentionally hide it from her, it had never occurred to myself that this is an incident needed to be made known to her throughout my life up till her passing. That should tell people something about the relationship between my mom and I: non-communicative, neglectful, unperceptive. If we had had some faith in our lives, that should not have been the same.

So by the way, I just had my CT-scan in hospital for my high blood pressure a few months ago, the doctor did not tell me any damages in my brain. I never had any pain, headaches, or anything unusual throughout the years. I really have to say it was a miracle. Is this tacky to say? But I really believe in God and eveyone has a Guardian Angel.


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