My memoir - scene 5 : massage training

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It's a lazy summer afternoon, we were in the apartment building where I had the "tumbling" fall.

My mom was not busying anything, just having an afternoon nap; at that time, as far as my young eyes could see, she was the girlfriend of an undercover cop and in those time period in that apartment, she was not doing her "madam" business. Since I was not busying any homework or anything, she put me into good work by having me standing on her back while she was lying on her tummy on bed facing away from the bedroom door. The whole of me probably only weighing 30 or 40 lbs for a 5 or 6 years old, I was always skinny up till I turned 17 or 18 – that's after I came over to America, I started to gain weight by drinking milk and eating hamburger and cheese; like so many children coming from an Asian country. So she told me to stand on her back and walk back and forth on her back, of course, I had to touch my hands onto the walls for balance. That should make my mom feel so good, she sort of dozing to sleep – I gathered.

Then, her boyfriend, Ah Fong, came in – oh so quietly without alarming my mom – he motioned his hand for me to get off my mom's back. So I lightly stepped off her back, down from the bed and into my slipper and quietly also out of the room. I knew her boyfriend's name and he's a cop because I heard her talked; in actuality, she never introduced me to any of her cop friends or anyone for any matter. Why would she, I was only a little child! But I knew he's a cop because I picked up from the conversation and I saw under his jacket or shirt, his pistol by his pant's waist. But even the cops were not good in those days although they had never acted or spoken inappropriately towards me or while I was around, this Ah Fong later acted violently towards my mom and was fighting with others. I didn't know for what reasons. I think if you were a good cop, you wouldn't have assoociated and befriend with woman running shady businesses. I don't mean to degrade my mom, I am just saying what I saw and how I think now looking back.

Some time later, Af Fong and my mom were no longer together. My mom landed another man, this time, a man from another side of the law instead of a cop. I understand she's trying all these men for protection for herself and mine and supporting her business (I didn't forget that she was a single mom with a young girl trying to establish a new life in a new land without any friends and family and my mom literally was just high school grad.; I am not sure she even made it to high school graduation. )

This another man I heard her called him "Big Nose" because his nose was really big. I am sure he had guns too – he was not only a drug dealer but a drug lord. By the way, my mom and I never even smoked a cigarette. I have never seen my mom drank big or get drunk. I think this was pretty amazing considering her background and the kind of life she's in. God really did watch over us. Amen.


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