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My memoir - scene 6 (police and court appearance following week)

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So, this incident happened at the same apartment building where I had my "haircut" episode. This happened before I grew old enough to have my "haircut" episode meaning years earlier.

I remember one night while I was sleeping on the floor, my mom discovered that I was having one hundred and four degree fever. For what reason, I was sleeping on the floor, I don't recall, may be at that time she was in poverty. Nonetheless, I was taken to emergency room and came out, nothing deadly obviously. I was back to the same place. But a short time later ( may be not more than weeks), it was not totally dark at night yet, suddenly, there was panic inside the apartment. I remember there were people in the apt. going here and there but no fighting and not a lot of noises, etc. I definitely recalled I was being held by someone (I don't recall whom, possibly my mom?) in the arms looking out a bathroom or kitchen window. I realized later that someone wanted to escape with me through the windows but it was too dangerous obviously. In those days in Hong Kong, the apartment buildings were usually no more than 3, 4 or 5 stories high but when I looked down from the window position, I vividly remembered that they were uneven rooftops, some covered with corrugated aluminum sheets and the window from where I looked down was higher the other rooftops, the height was not scary to me but judging from my memory, it was dangerous enough for anyone to jump down and not resulting with broken leg; not to mention jumping down with a child in arm. That's the end of this scene, I don't recall any other actions nor did I recall where I went. Most likely I was shielded from danger by police or other adults or my mom from seeing any more.

The next scene was definitely connected to this one. Because not long after, about a week later, I was in my mom's arm looking at my mom talking in a room with rectangular tables and chairs and a separate higher podium (just like what a courtroom looks like today). Unfortunately, I could not remembered or understand a word my mom was saying, I knew there were many people there. I did not see my mom cry or make any fuss. I knew when I got older from what my mom was associating with ( a drug lord), she was probably called as a witness from the incident at the apartment. She never mentioned to me she was in jail for anything.

So all these are like pictures in an album stored in my little brain since I was a small child living with my mom. Now I just pull them out one picture at a time and these translate again almost my whole childhood.


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