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My memoir - scene 7 - pot luck of memories

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I am pulling out pictures from my memory bank relating to small incidents from when I was no more than 5 years old. I write all these incidents together because they all happened when my mom and I were living in the same apartment where she had her earlier years of motel/madam business. How did I know? In one of the pictures taken by someone when I was about 3 or 4 years old: I was sitting on the glass-top of a counter holding a set of keys; at my back wall hanging a square glass and wooden frame with names of different guests and their room numbers written with calligraph pens in black ink, underneath each column of names hung their separate room keys. But there were no more than 10 columns. My mom obviously was having a small business establishment at the time. I looked adorable, chubby hand, face and feet and looking at the camera.

But my mom did hire an elderly woman to take care of me 24/7. Somehow, I still manage to choke on fishbone ( a skinny long piece), she kept me swallowing white rice without chewing it to get the fishbone to pass the throat into a safe area of the stomach. But I remember distinctly something stinging inside my back. I don't know whether she told my mom or not but I don't think so. Anyway I survived without seeing doctor or hospital. Till now, I am scared of bony fishes.

Since I am on the subject of food, unless you don't take your eyes off the 3 year olds otherwise as soon as your eyes off them for 1 minute, they will put anything into their mouths. I was alone in a crib standing up for a short while, I pooped and started picking my own poop up to eat. But good thing I don't recall whether I threw up afterwards or not.

While we are on the note of "crib or bed" , parents must be very careful not to let children know or see things they are not supposed to see or hear; no matter how young the children are. This time, I don't know where my mom put my crib, she put me to sleep on one side of a double-size bed in a room. I turned to face away from the door, I was probably 3 yr. old; I was by myself, no light in the room. I was probably sleeping already or falling to sleep. Then suddenly, the door opened, I didn't move or make any sound because I was afraid; I realized my mom's boyfriend threw my mom on the bed with me still sleeping on the other side, they didn't check whether I still sleeping or not. They started doing whoopi with lound noise and motion. Since I was only about 3 yr. old, that was my first time experience the motion and sound of sex education. I was secretly afraid for my mom saying to myself , " why he keeps hurting mom while she calling and excasperating? for I didn't know what the heck was going on? I don't remember how many years later did I watch television and read x-ray magazine then I realized that my mom was making whoopi!

So, case in point, never take child rearing lightly, it's a heavy responsibility. It affects a person's character and more for a lifetime, any good or bad things a small child picks up in their young mind. I really displease with people getting pregnant without really studying the subjects on child rearing first. Parents are responsible not only to bring a healthy person into the world physically but also responsible for this person's emotional, mental as well as spiritual state of mind. May we pray for the parents.


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