My Sassy Spiritual Salvation!

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When I started to write a book about spirituality for modern women (The High Heeled Guide to Enlightenment), the last thing I expected was to have a lifestyle and personality overhaul. Though lord knows, I needed it! Indeed, lord, spirits, guides, angels, and the fairies at the bottom of the garden knew I needed it. Everybody knew I needed it, except, of course for little old me! Two years ago I was trundling along a late twenties alcohol-fueled path of denial. I was happily partying the nights away as though I were still a twenty-one-year-old, freshly unleashed in the world, whilst simultaneously making it through the working weeks without losing my job or collapsing of exhaustion. However it was becoming apparent that massive self-indulgence was no longer working out to my advantage!

With all the fun truly vanished, I spiraled into utter gloominess. At my very lowest point, I did not realize that I was so down, as far as I was concerned it was everyone and everything else that was causing me the heartache and mental trauma I was continually the victim to. In my hazy opinion my boyfriend was to blame, my job was to blame, my friends were to blame, my teachers at school ten years previously were to blame … anybody but me.

Now many people continue to live this way not realizing something is badly wrong. Other people scrape their way out of this ego-induced misery through a stiff stint of counseling, some hefty self-help books, or embarking on a life changing world voyage. My route was somewhat different. Having spent my childhood surrounded by a patchwork quilt of religion and spiritual thought, I somehow ended up digging out that quilt and turning it into my very own comfort blanket. And what a difference it has made to my life. My boyfriend is now my husband, my book is published, and I live a sane and relatively stress free existence with my cats and chickens!

So how did spirituality catapult me out of the very big and dark rut I had dug myself into? Well to start with I awoke one morning with an overwhelming urge to learn about Buddhism, and then Reiki, and then revisit my father’s pagan religion of Wicca. I continually wanted to know more and I literally embraced spirituality, my own spirituality, my very own version of it. I explored ancient belief systems and I took what felt right to me and experimented with it. I watched my life slowly transform from monotonous to marvelous in less than a year.

The examples of benefits for the modern woman are endless and my book is bursting with ways in which my own life has been transformed. In particular, one of my favorite ways that spirituality affected me happened close to the beginning of my journey. With the cynic in me still firmly in place, I had attended a number of events and courses. I was enrolled on a nine-month Spiritualism course, and it was here that I met my “spirit guide.” Like many people, I have several guides, but my first one was exceptional! His name is Celebrielle and he is a big, white, winged horse. He was the one who helped me to believe. My Prince Charming, so to speak. (Or of the Equestrian nature!) In the months following meeting him in a mediation session, he was everywhere. His image turned up on the sides of lorries, on stationary, in my crystal therapists’ therapy room, on my holidays, and in my handbag. It was a Celebrielle onslaught!

His presence in my life was uncanny and incredible. He was my introductory guide and he eased me into spirituality gently, almost like Sesame Street introduces a child to spelling and numbers! He showed me that spirituality once embraced will always be there for me. He introduced me to “signs” by being my constant sign, showing up on a daily basis and taking my breath away. He gave softness and light to a spiritual study that had come from darkness and that eventually grew into something deeper, complex and utterly life changing!

It was from a cushy Celebrielle enhanced start that I explored deeper into spiritual belief, unafraid and feeling protected. My life took on new meaning and my previous habits, desires, vices, and sadness dropped away. Through spiritual growth, I quelled my lusts and desires for bigger, better material objects such as cars, handbags, or sofas. I truly realized that weight, looks, bad hair days, fashion, or possessions did not reflect anything meaningful about me; they were accessories, and ones that could cause too much mental stress

As a result, Buddha’s teachings taught me how to live happily in my own skin and without the need to bitch and moan my way through the day. Shamanism helped me to see the bigger picture and to incorporate my innate love for nature and the environment into my spiritual beliefs. Attending a Sweatlodge was the pinnacle of this and brought nature into my very soul. Whilst Kabbalah had some darned good advice on ways to behave that minimize the darker influences of my human character. It gave me balance, a calm soul and showed me how to be a better person. Divination and healing techniques added intrigue to my life, and helped to show that there is life beyond the conventions of modern science and time, as we perceive it.

Spirituality of all kinds had a massive life enhancing effect for me, and I am certain it can do for you too. It comes packed with more lifestyle tips than Vogue and clears more mental clutter than a short course of counseling! Life takes on very different meaning when seen through spiritual eyes, and a level of happiness can be attained that we all would struggle to achieve in busy western society. Alternative beliefs and practices introduced me to a whole new world that exists around us and deep inside of us all, it offered me greater wisdom, peace, serenity and self-knowledge. I know of nothing that the global market place can sell to me that is close to the bliss and peace I
have felt though my own spiritual explorations. 

Spiritual salvation has been the most incredible thing that has happened to me. Spirituality for a modern female is a tool kit of wondrousness and here are my top tips to get you started …

Quick Spiritual Fixes
Shut the noise off. Turn off TVs, radios, cell phones, and iPods and listen to the world around you. See what inspirations or intriguing thoughts come to you when you give your mind a chance to be itself.

Try one alternative healing technique in place of your usual beauty treat. Swap a massage for reiki, or your facial for a crystal healing session. 

Read something spiritual. It need not be a religious tome or the Dead Sea scrolls. There are plenty of interesting modern day writers catering to all kinds of spiritual tastes, go with your ‘little voice’ and see what the ‘world as you don’t know it’ has to say. 

Be in nature, see nature, and appreciate nature. It’s so easy in our urban jungles to forget that nature exists or that we are guests here on this wonderful planet. Take an hour a week to prune your plants, watch the sky, or sit in a field. Be in nature and breathe.

Think positive and picture your life as you wish it to be. I do this regularly and have found that as I set my intent for the kind of life I would like, so it happens. 

Choose not to react and always live in the moment, find some space for unconditional love in your life. Above all listen to your inner voice, make her your guide.


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