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My Second Chance

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Abusers come in many different forms. Sometimes they act like the sweetest thing on earth, and then when they don’t get their own way, boom its like Dr.Jeckle and Mr hyde.

I was a not-so-happy fifteen year old girl, so I ran away from home. I was homeless and sleeping on the street and I was staying in Iowa Falls, Iowa and that’s when I met RK. He was my salvation he gave me a place to stay and food in my belly. I was thrilled that this sexy man that looked like he walked right off a movie screen wanted me when he could have any women he wanted. He had eyes of green and a body that looked like it was sculpted out of stone. RK Made me feel like I was a queen until the day came when I wanted to go home. I waited for him to go to work that morning and I called my mom and told her I wanted to come home. I wanted to wait for RK because I wanted to say goodbye. I told my mom I would meet her at the city park later that day so I could tell my prince goodbye. 

When RK returned home I told him I was going home and that’s when things turned ugly he pretended it was ok to go. He said he would even give me a ride and as I turned to walk out the door bang something hit me on the back of the head. When I came to I was tied to a chair and there he sat in front of me smirking and he said to me as if I was ever going to let you leave me. He tortured me and raped me over and over until my body just gave up and he thought he had killed me. He went outside grabbed a blue moving tarp wrapped me in it and threw my lifeless naked body into the back of his pickup and rove out to the middle of no were dug a grave and put me in it and covered me up with dirt. I was saved by the private camp ground care taker. That was when I was given a second chance to live.    



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