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My Soul and My Spirit Inspire Me

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My soul cries out from the depth of me

Its plea has always been to be set free

It’s the part of me that has always sought, amid troubled waters it has always fought

My soul cries out from the depths of me

It never gives in to any dismal ends

It prides itself upon reaching high even though something inside says, you can’t beat the odds

My soul cries out from the depths of me, swimming in the mire of the roaring sea

It competes against darkness triumphing over me

Were it not for the conflicts of my soul, the depths of me would have no plea, and my soul could not be free

I could not climb to higher heights, if the depths of me beheld no fight

It’s because I fight from the depths of me, that I see triumph in view

My soul sees higher heights that it desires to pursue

The triumph that my soul sees, reveals greater aspects of me

It can’t be defeated by mire, dismal ends, or the mire of the roaring sea

It’s the aspect of me that soars, the aspect of me that’s free

My soul has been redeemed so, that aspect of me comes forth, to be its creative “self”

It soars above the depths of me, amid heights my soul longed to climb

That aspect of me is my spirit and it can’t be confined

Its purpose is to flourish, that’s its original design

My spirit is free to be, all that it was meant to be

It dances in its creativity and paints with its ingenuity

It reveals traits of its creator

It’s being the, I am that it is, amid the heights that it soars

My soul and my spirit inspire me!


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